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    Make It Real 2019 Honorable Mention Awards - Part 1

    Donald Bell
    Published on - April 1, 2019 by Donald Bell

    Teachers & Parents, Inspiration

    The Autodesk Make It Real challenge is a way for us to help cultivate and recognize the amazing learning happening through making. Really, it’s a win-win situation, because the contest submissions reveal an invaluable, inspiring window on the students and educators who are pushing education forward.

    This Wednesday morning, we’ll be announcing the four Grand Prize winners of the Make It Real challenge. But first, we’ll spend today and tomorrow highlighting the many Honorable Mention award winners. We were so moved by the spirit showed by these schools and their students, that we simply had to recognize them and their efforts.

    Each of these Honorable Mention award winners will receive 10 Chromebook computers for their school to help continue sparking curiosity and creativity.

    So read on to learn more about the Honorable Mention winners of the Make It Real challenge and their entries, and check back tomorrow to hear more.

    Boston Latin Academy
    Boston, MA

    The creative students at Boston Latin Academy talked like pirates to share how their school is already showcasing the maker spirit. The video makes excellent use of their makerspace’s green screen to play a slideshow of images behind them to help illustrate their story. A stop-motion animation in the last half of the video tells a creative tale of a student in need of more makerspace tools and supplies.

    CLK Elementary School
    Calumet, MI

    Innovators at the CLK Elementary School shared how they used making to help solve real world problems that community members faced. The video does a great job introducing their town. Their story of students working together to help design an aid for an elderly woman’s hand was inspiring.

    Dr. W. J. Creel Elementary School
    Melbourne, FL

    Students and educators in Dr. W. J. Creel Elementary School engaged in a lively discussion to share how making would benefit their school population. The video showcases a lively group of students, full of curiosity, and eager for more tools and resources to express their creativity.

    Gonzales Middle School
    Gonzales, LA

    Through some impressive stop motion animation, a student at Gonzales Middle School explained how making can be a tool for change in their school. It’s a heartfelt video with a ton of personality.

    Stay tuned!

    Congratulations to these winners! Check back tomorrow for a look at the four additional Honorable Mention winners of the Autodesk Make It Real challenge.