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    Update Adds Google Classroom Sharing and More

    Donald Bell
    Published on - March 29, 2019 by Donald Bell

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    If you use Tinkercad in your classroom (and we love that you do!) there are some useful improvements we’ve added this week that you’ll want to know about.
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    First, student accounts are now configured to more easily transition to personal accounts at age 13. We know that one of the headaches for teachers in moderating student accounts can be retrieving passwords for students. With the updated system, students will be prompted to provide an email at age 13, allowing them to take personal control over their account and password retrieval. If you’re not yet familiar with Tinkercad’s tools for classroom moderation, be sure to see our guide on the Tinkercad Knowledgebase, and our resources on the Tinkercad Teach page.


    Next, we’ve integrated a Google Classroom sharing widget on all of our public Tinkercad designs. Now, with a single click, educators can create assignments for their students based on a Tinkercad design. Students can also use the Google Classroom share button for their own public designs to ‘turn-in’ their finished assignments on Google Classroom. Give it a try on one of your own public designs, or browse the Tinkercad gallery and select an interesting design to share.


    We are previewing, for those interested, a new Teacher Moderation tool to “batch” remove unused or graduated student accounts you may have lingering in your moderated kids list. Do you have a very long list of moderated accounts for students that have moved on to another teacher or are no longer in your class? We understand that adding another teacher or removing the students from your list one-by-one may not be practical. Your time is precious!! If you are interested in enabling this preview feature on your account open a ticket in our Help Center with a request to try out “Bulk Remove/Delete”.


    We hope you enjoy the new update. We also suggest reading up about some of the other recent updates we’ve rolled out for teachers and students, including Safe Mode, content flagging, and design management. If anything’s not working as it should, you can submit the problem though our Help Center. If there’s a new feature that you’re particularly happy to see, we’d love for you to let us know on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks for using Tinkercad!