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    Codeblocks Update and Quick Start Guide

    Team Tinkercad
    Published on - March 27, 2019 by Team Tinkercad

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    Tinkercad’s computational design workspace, Codeblocks, is the simplest place to make 3D models using draggable blocks of code. If you haven’t checked it out yet, there’s never been a better time. Today, we’re excited to share our Quick Start online guide to using Codeblocks, and announce the addition of direct export to SVG, in addition to STL, and OBJ file types.


    Use the "Quick Start Guide" button to launch the guide in a new browser tab.


    The Codeblocks Quick Start guide can be found on Instructables, but is also conveniently linked from the Codeblocks editor itself, visible in the design window at launch. We think this will provide new users a way to quickly launch the guide in a new browser tab that they can reference as they go.


    A browser window with Codeblocks shown side by side with the Instructables Quick Start guide.


    Though the guide is beginner-friendly (starting from account creation and basic Tinkercad site navigation), there’s something in it for users at every skill level. You’ll learn how to create shapes, move them, modify, group, animate, and even export designs for 3D printing. (3)

    Those of you already familiar with Codeblocks will be happy to know that today’s update fixes a number of small bugs, and most notably adds the ability to directly export your designs to SVG. Now, using the Export button within the editor, you can select either .STL file (ideal for 3D printing) or .OBJ (useful for importing into other 3D design or graphics programs), or an .SVG suitable for laser cutting, graphics programs, and vinyl cutters.

    Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 1.46.48 PM.png

    If you had become accustomed to saving your designs as Parts, accessible within Tinkercad’s 3D editor, that capability is unchanged.

    We invite you to get familiar with Codeblocks, read the guide, and explore the new export feature. If anything’s not working as it should, you can submit the problem though our Help Center. If there’s a new feature that you’re particularly happy to see, we’d love for you to let us know on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks for using Tinkercad!