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    Introducing 'Safe Mode' for Students

    Donald Bell
    Published on - January 9, 2019 by Donald Bell

    Tips & Tricks, Features, New to Tinkercad

    [Updated: This post originally referenced a student management feature that has since been moved into the Tinkercad Classrooms tool and enabled by default. For more information on Tinkercad Classrooms, please visit our FAQ. We've updated sections of this post to help avoid confusion.]

    Teacher's, we’re excited to announce a new Safe Mode feature for Tinkercad. With this new option enabled, students managed under a teacher’s account are prevented from viewing or creating comments, and Gallery view is limited to designs curated by the Tinkercad team. Additionally, Tinkercad search is disabled in Safe Mode.

    To enable or disable Safe Mode for your students, visit the Classrooms dashboard from the top navigation bar or the dropdown user menu. Then, click the shield icon located at the top of a class. Alternately, you toggle Safe Mode for individual students by clicking the shield icon next to their name.

    For teachers who are not yet familiar with Tinkercad Classrooms, be sure to see our guide on the Tinkercad Knowledgebase.

    Key features of Safe Mode - Moderators can now toggle on “Safe Mode” for a Group they moderate, which:

    1. Limits the Gallery view to only our curated Staff Favorites
    2. Turns off Search
    3. Turns off Commenting and viewing Comments on any design

    We’re hopeful that this new addition will allow teachers to better control the Tinkercad experience in their classroom and provides students with a safer environment to learn and explore.

    In addition to Safe Mode, we’ve also recently added a few other useful features to Tinkercad.

    • Comment Flags – Comments can now be flagged as abusive, for any user.
    • Load All — For you teachers with a lot of students, we understood you had to click "Load More" way too many times. So, we replaced it with a "Load All" that loads ALL students onto the page.
    • Design Management – Select multiple designs in your Dashboard (or a student's dashboard) and perform an action on it. For starters we are allowing you to bulk “delete” and “move to project”.


    That last one is a feature that users have been requesting from us for years. We’re thrilled to finally deliver it and we think it will help Tinkercad users make better use of Project folders for organizing their designs.

    As always, let us know what you think of the new features, as well as what you’d like to see in future releases. Reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook. We especially love seeing how you’re using Tinkercad in the classroom.