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    How to Create an .SVG from Your Codeblocks Design

    Published on - December 24, 2018 by Tricia Taggart

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    Are you wondering how to use a laser or vinyl cutter to bring your Codeblocks designs to life? Follow these steps!

    Once you have finished coding your creation, you will need to export your design. (For more information about how to get started in Codeblocks, check out this lesson.)


    Then make your design into a Part:


    The Part feature enables you to capture any design (or piece of any design), turn it into a reusable part, and store it in your own personal Part Collection! Want to learn more about making parts in Tinkercad? Read this.


    Now that you have made your coded design into a part, head into the original Tinkercad 3D design environment and create a new design.


    In the Shapes panel, under You, choose Part Collection.


    You should see your new creation there. Drag it on out to the Workplane!


    Need to add a loop for hanging or make a size adjustment? You can easily do that here. When you are finished, hit Export.      


    During .SVG export, the snapshot is taken from the ground plane. So make sure all of your design is sitting on the ground plane.


    If you notice anything is missing after the export, go back and lower the shape so it bisects the horizontal plane and then export again.

    And don’t forget to show us what you made on Twitter and Facebook. We love seeing what you’re up to, and we’re eager to share your creations with the Tinkercad community!

    lilli flake 2

    lilli flake

    Happy holidays!