Hour of Code Lesson Plans and Resources

The ‘Hour of Code™’ is a nationwide initiative by Computer Science Education Week and Code.org to introduce millions of students to one hour of computer science and computer programming. It can happen any time during the school year, but it is strongly encouraged during Computer Science Education Week from December 3-9, 2018. Autodesk proudly supports STEAM education. As such, we wanted to share some Hour of Code Tinkercad educator resources which also support making. Try Tinkercad this year for #HourofCode!

Code-Generated Patterns

Recommended grades: 3 – 5

Students will explore patterns, repetition, and rhythm within the context of Tinkercad Codeblocks. By the end of the lesson, they will have a 3D model of a tea light holder from code.

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Coded Snowflake

Recommended grades: 6 – 8

Students will analyze, create, and remix interesting algorithm components using Tinkercad Codeblocks, including variables for control points and count-controlled loops. At the end, they will have a 3D model of a snowflake.

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Blink an LED

Recommended grades: 5 – 12

Electronics and coding together for #HourofCode! This lesson is ideal for students new to electronics and does not require any physical electronics to complete it.

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Arduino Serial Monitor

Recommended grades: 5 – 12

For students who’ve blinked an Arduino, check out this next Tinkercad lesson to code serial monitors. Includes graphing! Also, no physical electronics are required to complete it.

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