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    Annotation Added to Circuits

    Donald Bell
    Published on - November 13, 2018 by Donald Bell

    Tips & Tricks, Teachers & Parents, Features

    The Circuits editor in Tinkercad is a great, risk-free way to learn and play with electronics. For many, it’s also a tool for documenting and saving circuit designs and ideas. Now, with the ability to add annotation to your circuits, teachers, students and tinkerers can better describe useful details of their electronic creations.


    You can think of annotation like sticky notes for your circuit. To create one, open a circuit design in the Tinkercad Circuits editor and click on the speech bubble icon in the top left menu bar. This same icon will appear in your design, and you can drag it to any element you’d like to annotate. Clicking on the design element will anchor the annotation, and you’ll be prompted to write your note.


    The annotation bubble can be repositioned around the anchor point by simply dragging the bubble. Repositioning the bubble can be useful so that the text doesn’t obscure the element you’re writing about.

    In addition, there is a View/Hide option next to the Annotation icon in the menu bar, allowing you to hide or reveal all of your annotations with a single click.

    We hope you’ll find annotations to be a great addition to your circuit designs. Show us how you put it to use by sharing your circuits with us on Twitter or Facebook.