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    Update Brings New Profiles, URL Import, and More

    Donald Bell
    Published on - October 24, 2018 by Donald Bell

    Tips & Tricks, Teachers & Parents, Features

    We’re excited to announce our latest Tinkercad update (version 4.2.1), which adds several features you’ve been asking for. Because Tinkercad runs in your web browser, your experience is updated automatically and there’s no action you need to take to receive the update.


    profile view
    You can now see a anyone’s public 3D Designs and Circuits on their profile page.


    Included updates in this release:


    • New public profile page. Your public profile profile page now has a brand new layout and includes Circuits designs in addition to your 3D designs.
    • Streamlined Parent Approvals. For underage users, the parent moderator approval process has been made easier.
    • Link following through sign-in. When you follow a link to a Tinkercad project or lesson while signed out of your account, a successful log in will now redirect you to where you originally intended to go. We hope this will make it easier to share your Tinkercad content online.
    • The return of the Tinkercad blog. A link to our Tinkercad blog (the one you’re reading right now) has been added to site header.
    • Search. Improvements to search page and search field visibility.
    • Security improvements.


    • Import via URL. You can now import an OBJ, STL, or SVG by entering a URL. This brings back a legacy workflow for classrooms, where downloads and uploads are often prohibited. Back by popular demand!
    • Fix for IE11. The editor was broken for IE11, fixed.
    • Restart lessons. A reset button has been added to your completed lessons, allowing you to restart the lesson content.


    The Import via URL option allows you to directly pull in files from other sites—no downloading or uploading required. It's ideal for tablets and Chromebooks, or school computers where file downloading is restricted.


    We hope you enjoy the new update. If anything’s not working as it should, you can submit the problem though our Help Center. If there’s a new feature that you’re particularly happy to see, we’d love for you to let us know on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks for using Tinkercad!