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    How to Release Moderation on a Student Account

    Published on - September 19, 2018 by christianpramuk

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    By using student invitation codes, Tinkercad makes it easy for teachers to get a classroom of students tinkering in no time. Using this system, student accounts and their designs can be moderated by their teacher and organized into useful groups.

    But eventually, students will move on, and some may (hopefully) want to take their designs with them and take personal control over their Tinkercad account.

    If you’re an educator interested in how to release a student’s account from your moderation dashboard - or transfer moderation to another guardian - below are your options. (You can also find this information in our Knowledgebase.)

    My students are all under 13

    Any student under 13 is required by law to have a valid adult moderator. It is not possible to break the link with a student without first ensuring they have a valid moderator: either a parent, teacher, or guardian.

    If a student is already connected to additional moderators, they will appear in the Other Moderators column and a Stop Moderation link will appear on their record on the Moderate Kids Dashboard.

    (in the image below you can see one student with an alternative moderator:)


    Description of rows in the image above:

    1. Breckin-Student: is an under 13 student connected to an appropriate second moderator.
    2. is an over 13 student who already has a valid email address connected to their account.
    3. Kate-Student: is an under 13 student who does not have a valid second moderator.

    Note: The break moderation link will only appear when a student meets the requirements to stop moderating. Students can add a second moderator by following the instructions in the following article:

    My students are 13 or older

    If a student is 13 years of age or older and has a valid email (an email address that can both send and receive email) connected to their account, the break moderation link will be available for teachers to disconnect from the student.

    If a student was being moderated and has turned 13, they can take the steps in the following article to connect their own email address to their account.

    Last Resort: Delete the student account.
    If a student is no longer in your class and/or is unable to be connected to a valid moderator the student account can be permanently deleted. This is a permanent delete and removes the student account and all their designs from Tinkercad.

    By clicking the student name on the Moderate Kids dashboard you can see the student designs and can suspend or permanently delete a student account.


    Still have questions? Open a support ticket here.