Farewell Legacy Editor


For you Tinkercad users who have been around a while, the Legacy editor was probably your first experience designing in 3D with us. Those old designs – yes, we’re talking about the ones that still have the “Legacy” button when you hover over the design card in your Dashboard. Clicking on this button would open the design in that older editor…until now.

In order to focus on the more sustainable, scaleable, safer, and overall superior editor that most Tinkerers are currently using, we will be retiring the Tinkercad Legacy editor next week. There is really no action to take, as your older Legacy designs will automatically be upgraded to the newer version. We just wanted to let you know…

If you have any fond memories you’d like to share or just wish to vent any subtle or specific differences that have kept you in the Legacy editor, please do so in our Community discussions.

Happy Tinkering!