CAD And Code, Together At Last

Budding coders, rejoice! We are pleased to introduce our newest beta feature  – Tinkercad Codeblocks!  Codeblocks is a cool new way to build things in Tinkercad, using blocks of code to bring your imagination to life.


We know coding can be complex, so with Codeblocks, we’ve made it more simple to learn and create by using intuitive, non-technical language and functionality. And true to our roots, naturally we had to bring in the 3rd dimension. So once your design is complete, you can make it REAL simply by exporting a 3D print of it directly from your Tinkercad dashboard. Ta-da! Instant bragging rights.


Codeblocks is great for beginning and experienced coders, as well as for teachers looking to bring coding into their classrooms. It’s powered by Scratch Blocks, and with some basic 3D knowledge… you’ll be off!


We’re excited for you to give Codeblocks a try! Look for it in your dashboard, and please let us know what you think. Your feedback will help us make this feature even better!


Happy coding!



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