Design for Space Travel with Tinkercad: Open For Students Under 13

How do you get to the moon? By rocket, of course. But how do you construct a rocket so it can escape Earth’s gravity, yet still carry enough cargo to resupply your moon base? Autodesk and the Airbus Foundation are challenging students to think about the unique factors involved in space travel. Students under 13 years can participate in Challenge # 1 – Using Tinkercad, Design a Rocket to go to the Moon!

Prizes include an Up Mini 2 3D Printer , scale models of an Airbus vehicle, Tinkercad t-shirts and more!

This is a great challenge for students in class or at home with kids. Check out Airbus Foundation Discovery Space for inspirational videos and fun facts, then start designing your rocket or spacecraft of the future.

For eligibility, submission rules and to enter the Design for Space Travel challenge, visit