4/30 Webinar Signup: Sparking Future Makers in your Classroom

In this 4/30 webinar, you will learn how to nurture natural curiosity in students within a classroom setting and get hands-on experience with using Tinkercad Circuits. Be sure to sign up here! This is the fifth episode in the series Tinkercad Teachers, hosted by Kellyanne Mahoney, National Board Certified Teacher and Curriculum Developer.
For this episode, Mahoney will lead a discussion with experienced maker educators, including:
Becky Stern, Educator and Content Creator at Instructables
Netia McCray, Founder and Executive Director of Mbadika, an MIT start-up inspiring young innovators and entrepreneurs around the world
Rosie Weinberg, artist and licensed architect who serves as Director of Studio Development NuVu Studio, a full-time innovation school for young minds.
In the build-up to the release of the film Avengers: Infinity War, Rosie and Netia have implemented a design studio in which students are interviewing “superheroes” from different communities and creating wearable devices that express their superpowers. 
You will learn about their project as a way to unlock your own superpowers and how you can:
• Demystify the study of electronics by designing opportunities for students to play with wires, batteries, bulbs, and switches – both virtually and in real life.
• Inspire students to improvise and engineer solutions to authentic problems using common materials.
Please join us as we learn how to inspire future makers and tinkerers. See you there!