New Optional Security Feature: 2 Step Verification Coming Monday April 9

Tinkerers, keeping your account safe is a top priority at Autodesk. With that in mind, starting Monday, April 9 we are inviting all Autodesk account holders – including Tinkercad account holders – to sign up for a new security feature called 2 Step Verification.

What is 2 Step Verification, and how does it work?

2 Step Verification is another way to confirm your identity when you sign in to your Tinkercad account. How it works:

  1. Sign in as usual, using your email address + password
  2. Autodesk sends a unique 6-digit security code to your phone (via text or voice message – you decide)
  3. You input your unique code onto the site
  4. Presto! You’re off and running with added security

How do I sign up for 2 Step Verification?

Starting this Monday, 4/9, you will see this prompt to sign up for 2 Step Verification AFTER you sign in to Tinkercad using your email + password:

2 step

You can choose to sign up right away, or opt for a reminder later. Signing up is optional, but is recommended as an added measure to safeguard your account.

Is 2 Step Verification for everyone?

No. Children under 13 and users using social network sign in are exempt from 2 Step Verification.

I still have questions!

No problem. Email your questions to