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    3D Design Project: Make a 'Legohead' of Your Friend Using Tinkercad Bricks!

    Published on - March 13, 2018 by mayayolandethomas

    Tips & Tricks, Inspiration

    We love sharing new 3D design projects, and this happens to be one of our new favorites. Here, you'll find the step-by-step instructions on how to use the Tinkercad Bricks button to build a model of a friend's head! Sure, you could use the Bricks feature to Lego-ify any Tinkercad model, but why wouldn't you want a Lego bust of your BFF?

    For more detailed instructions, check out the original Instructable.

    Step 1: Scan Your Model Using a 3D Scanner


    This is the scanner the author used, but if you don't have access to a 3D scanner, now would be a great time to choose or create an alternative Tinkercad model to brickify!

    Step 2: Identify Key Features


    Once you've scanned your friend, you can use a program like Meshmixer to separate key features into individual models in order to emphasize key features without adding a ton of complexity to the final model.

    Step 4: Import the Parts into Tinkercad



    Step 5: Brickify!


    Hit the Bricks button on the left! Note that you can varying degrees of complexity (See 1x on the left and 3x on the right), but remember that the more complex the model, the more Legos and time it will take to build.

    Step 6: Check Out the Layers

    Click on the Layers button and toggle through in order to see how to construct each level of the model.

    Step 7: Start Building!


    Grab your bricks and start building!

    Happy tinkering!