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    TinkerStar: Amanda Tapley

    Published on - March 12, 2018 by mayayolandethomas

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    TinkerStar: Amanda Tapley

    Tinkercad Username: Ms. Tapley

    How did you find out about Tinkercad? When Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind added 3D printers, we were searching for a website program that our students could use. That is how we come across Tinkercad. We began using Tinkercad in December 2014.

    What is your favorite feature in the Tinkercad editor? The fact that we can create our own objects. I love the colors and the option to use these objects in Minecraft.

    Why are you a #TinkerStar? I would like to make this about my TinkerStar Students and not about myself. One of the amazing things I find about my students is many of them will find a photo online and try to 3D design it in TinkerCad.

    What is your favorite model you have designed in Tinkercad? One of my favorite models was designed by a student of mine who created a 3D Tinkercad version of his scuba diving watch from scratch. Check out my site here to learn more and see student designs!

    3D printer printing Coopers watch DSC_0110

    Anything else you would like us to know? My deaf students are 8th grade Middle School students.


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