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    Tip: Part Maker

    Published on - February 20, 2018 by mayayolandethomas

    Tips & Tricks, Features

    Hey Tinkerers, we’ve just rolled out some super cool new Tinkercad features that will save you time AND give you more to check out when you’re perusing the Gallery!

    First, we think you’re going to love the new Part Maker. This feature enables you to capture any design (or piece of any design), turn it into a reusable part, and store it in your own personal Part Collection! That's right - no more time spent searching through designs to find and duplicate the design with the piece/s you’re looking for. Now, simply publish the design elements you use the most, and presto... they are all now just 1 click away! We’ve also added a 'Scale Lock’ setting that you can use to freeze a part to prevent accidental scaling. This comes in handy for making parts that need to print to a specific, consistent size. It’s also great for making battery boxes or housings for your next Arduino project!

    Give it a try – here’s how:
    1. Create a design that you’d like to turn into a Part. Generally it should be something you use often or would like store in a convenient location.
    2. Select only the assets you want to capture as a part.
    3. Open the 'Part Collection' in the Shapes Panel drop down menu.
    4. Click the ‘+ Capture New Part’ button. This will open a dialog panel where you can…
    5. Define the Part details, including, Name, Description, Tags, Color, and Scale Lock (this will lock your part so you or other users don’t accidentally scale it).
    6. Click Enter and the Part will show-up as a new draggable thumbnail in the 'Part Collection’.
    7. Return to this menu to use the Part(s) you’ve made.
    8. *Advanced user tip*- Click the Star in the upper right hand corner of your Part thumbnail to add it to your ‘Favorites' Collection. By starring this and other Shapes or Shape Generators, you can create a custom collection of the design assets that you use the most.

    You’ll also notice a new addition to the Gallery. We've a Circuits button, so you can now peruse both Designs AND Circuits created by fellow community members.


    Check it out!