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    Teach Tinkercad Through the Lens of Hockey!

    Published on - February 16, 2018 by mayayolandethomas

    Teachers & Parents

    Hey, teachers: Are you looking to make your lessons a little cooler? Try teaching 3D design AND hockey at the same time!

    Autodesk has been collaborating with the Boston Bruins in the development of three new Tinkercad lessons to be included in Bruins Academy The Curriculum - and now they are here! These engaging Common Core-aligned lesson plans help cultivate students' creativity by casting them as designers for projects ranging from rethinking a skills competition event to customizing hockey equipment.

    You can sign up for the whole K-8 Bruins Academy curriculum, which includes lessons for multiple subject areas, here for free. 

    Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 2.55.23 PM.png

    In addition to supporting the online curriculum, Autodesk has been training Bruins Academy teachers in how to teach 3D design and has hosted participating classrooms for workshops at the Autodesk Boston BUILD (Building, Innovation, Learning and Design) Space.