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    TinkerStar: Christopher Sweeney

    Published on - January 29, 2018 by mayayolandethomas

    Teachers & Parents, Inspiration

    TinkerStar: Christopher Sweeney

    Tinkercad Username: csweeneyartist


    How did you find out about Tinkercad? From sessions at National Art Education Association conferences.

    What is your favorite feature in the Tinkercad editor? The shape generator, by far.

    Why are you a #TinkerStar? I am a #TinkerStar because I use Tinkercad not only in my classroom, but in my own art and design work as well. It is ingrained in the designing of TurtleArt and other designs I create in Morphi and other programs. I am also an Ultimaker Pioneer and MakeyMakey Ambassador. I try to include 3D printing when using all of these products I promote, and that includes Tinkercad in the process. I also do many workshops locally, regionally, and nationally using Tinkercad with educators, students, and parents. I also am the 2016 Pennsylvania Art Education Association Outstanding Art Educator of the Year.

    What is your favorite model you have designed in Tinkercad? 

    This self portrait:


    Anything else you would like us to know? I am a passionate educator - whether it is art, design, or making. I am also starting this month to blog about STEAM and Maker Technologies for I also will be teaching a class called 3D Printing in the K-12 Curriculum this summer at University of the Arts in Philadelphia. I also teach at Charter High School for Architecture and Design, also in Philadelphia.

    Thanks Christopher!


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