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    TinkerStar: Jason Martin-Hiner

    Published on - January 22, 2018 by mayayolandethomas


    TinkerStar: Jason Martin-Hiner

    Tinkercad Username:  Jason Martin-Hiner

    How did you find out about Tinkercad? I've been using Tinkercad since the first launch and was awarded educator licenses to use with teacher and students.

    What is your favorite feature in the Tinkercad editor? The overall interface is very intuitive and easy to use. The learning curve is perfect for introducing students to 3D design, yet the design tools are powerful enough to create some very unique and complex objects.

    Why are you a #TinkerStar? I really enjoy introducing teachers and students to the world of 3D design and printing. I've had a chance to design and print a variety of things, but my favorite objects to work on are for students that have a specific need due to a disability. I've been able to work on a variety of custom objects for students to help with communication and other daily life activities. One of those objects, a screen shroud for a communication app, is linked below. It isn't fancy or flashy, but allowed the student (with limited fine motor skills) to interact with the app without her hand touching the screen and interfering with the use of the app.

    What is your favorite model you have designed in Tinkercad? 

    This iPad guard:t725-1.png

    Anything else you would like us to know? Thanks for providing this great tool to educators and students!

    Thanks Jason!


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