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    3D Population Maps Using Tinkercad

    Published on - December 8, 2017 by mayayolandethomas

    Tips & Tricks, Teachers & Parents, Inspiration

    We are always amazed by the diverse ways in which teachers are using Tinkercad to spark interest and inspiration in the classroom. Case in point, Vernon Kee's 3D population maps. This former engineer and current science and technology teacher makes topics more "real" for students by teaching them to design and print their own 3D population maps based on real-world, searchable data. Through creating these 3D models of maps, students can bring statistics to life, are encouraged to think critically about the demographics they are graphing, and can interact with data in creative ways.

    Follow along with Vernon's Instructables tutorial to see how he creates amazing 3D population maps with his students.


    Tinkercad is an easy and engaging tool that helps build technical 3D modeling skills, and provides unique ways to approach topics across disciplines. Happy tinkering!