Tinkercad Email Verification Requirement Starts Today

Okay Tinkerers, starting TODAY you will be required to complete a 1-time email verification when signing into Tinkercad (this applies only to those who haven’t already verified – if you’ve completed the process, you’re good to go). Autodesk is requiring this verification to provide enhanced security and protection against fraud, and it’s easy to do. Simply sign-in to Tinkercad as usual, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Questions & Answers:

I don’t have access to the email address associated with my account.

No problem. You can change it at https://accounts.autodesk.com. Or, contact the owner of your account and ask them to complete the verification (by following the instructions above).

I didn’t receive the verification email.

Check your spam folder. The sender email is noreply@mail.accounts.autodesk.com.

  • If it’s not in your spam folder, click Resend on the verification screen.
  • If you are still having issues, contact Autodesk support.


My students cannot receive email from outside of the school. What steps should I take? 

If external emails are blocked by your school, you will need to contact your IT department. The following email address must be allowed to reach the email account for verification: noreply@mail.accounts.autodesk.com 

Important Note: This is the same email that is required for password reset.

Once you’ve verified and established that the correct email is on file, you’re good!  We’ve posted an FAQ section in our Help Center dedicated to this process.  For most of you, this will be no problem – it’ll just be a few extra clicks and checking your email when you sign in. However, for anyone who has entered a fake email or no longer has access to the email on file – there will be some extra steps to get you through it.

Thanks for your patience as we introduce this new security measure!