TinkerStar: Heer Patel

TinkerStar: Heer Patel

Tinkercad User Name: Heer Patel 335

How did you find out about Tinkercad?  We had to use it for a school project.

What is your favorite feature in the Tinkercad editor? The holes! You can make so many different shapes with the holes and the basic figures.

Why are you a #TinkerStar?  I have made many designs, and I have been told that my designs are very good. I also love to create things, and I hope to make super cool designs on Tinkercad in the future!

What is your favorite model you have designed in Tinkercad?

My sword:

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 2.41.52 PM

Thanks Heer!



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