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    Playful and Affordable Ways to Explore STEM with Sam Haynor

    Published on - October 6, 2017 by mayayolandethomas

    Teachers & Parents, Inspiration

    Sam Haynor is a science educator who is injecting a good dose of fun and imagination into STEM experiments.  He creates low budget projects and experiments that are both educational and super fun. Haynor is currently creating the Oakland Toy Lab, a “community-based wonder lab for students to build, tinker, explore, make, break, and learn.” The Toy Lab is using to host 100 science projects geared towards teachers, parents, and students of all ages. These projects include Strobe GogglesBag Monsters, and Wobble Bots, to name a few.

    strobe_Screen_Shot_2017-1503293783.pngStrobe Goggles


    With a price tag of $5 or less, these projects are widely accessible. Haynor recounts that he "made a Liquid Hourglass out of a couple of bottles in a refugee camp in Pakistan." Projects like these are related to key science concepts (the liquid hourglass, for example, teaches about density science), but are also captivating and fun to put together. Prioritizing affordable and readily available materials lets everyone share in the magic. 

    Be sure to visit the Oakland Toy Lab, and for more DIY inspiration, check out the links below: