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    Tinkercad Launches New BRICK Viewer!

    Published on - August 31, 2017 by sarahorourke76

    Tips & Tricks, Features

    The Tinkercad team is always looking for new interesting ways for our community to take their designs further. First we brought you the ability to take your 3D design into the BLOCK viewer to see it voxelized.  Today we bring you something we think is even better: the Tinkercad BRICK Viewer!

    It's a new feature in the Tinkercad editor. Simply design as you always do and click on the BRICK icon at the top to see your design transform.  You can even view by layer to see how it can be made - so take it a step further and build it in real life if you have a box of bricks around.

    What are you waiting for? Check it out and let us know what you think!