Community Challenge: #TinkerTeamUp Winners!

April’s Community Challenge was pretty great – there were some awesome models that got made.  We decided to highlight a couple here.

Community Favorite: Blade Doge for his “Studio Edge #TinkerTeamUp” model.

Studio Edge by Blade Doge

As for the Tinkercad Team’s favorites, there was quite a bit of contention. In the end, we decided to go with 4 (I know, right??) In no particular order:

Robot Squad by coolOshawott75
Classic X-Men by Jeffery Lovegrove
The Sentinals by Jonkasaurus REX
#TinkerTeamUp by appleman

What do they win?

Well, it turns out that these Team-Ups make for some very dramatic scenes.  So we decided to render these models in Fusion 360 to create high resolution images for posters to give to the creators.  To see how we did the rendering, check out our YouTube page.

Check back soon for the next Community Challenge!