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    The Culmination of Three Years-Hanami

    Published on - April 8, 2017 by krasherox



    When I first came to Tinkercad three years ago, I was looking for an inexpensive way to make sculptures.  I had seen the potential in taking the simple shapes Tinkercad provides and using the Hole feature to make and shape templates that could bring a higher level of realism to Tinkercad designs than that which I had seen in the Gallery.  I saw how many copy-cats would rather scan pre-existing art work than take the trouble to do work themselves, and they had the nerve to want recognition for "their" designs.  Noticing that the multitude of scans....scanned artwork from more sophisticated apps or professionally-made art....were being translated by Tinkercad into detailed replicas, I thought to myself, "Tinkercad is able to render nuanced, detailed work, so with diligence, I should be able to make pretty detailed, proportionate, realistic designs, using Tinkercad alone.....Scanners and more sophisticated, expensive apps be damned!"

    Anybody who really spends time on Tinkercad and knows all the main users, knows my portfolio.   One will notice a lot of Robots, Warriors, Spacecraft, SuperHeroes, and weapons in my portfolio.  These themes are perennial favorites on Tinkercad, and I believe that represents the demographic of  the Technology fields in general...Testosterone Dominated.  However, all my friends on Tinkercad also know that I have made more Female-Themed designs than any other well-known user...hands down.  I've made more models of Females than all of the other well-known users combined.  I've made countless pieces that have to do with different cultures....Japan features prominently, though.

    My mother studied Japanese in college, and when I was little I would watch all the masterpieces of Japanese Cinema with her, and she would explain a lot of the cultural practices and their significance.  Then when I saw Godzilla for the first time, my life's trajectory was set!  Any culture that could produce Godzilla must be the the Pre-Eminent Culture of the Planet!  However, in addition to all the Kaiju, Super-Robots, and Mecha that filled my mind, a particularly Japanese sentiment quietly sauntered into my sub-conscious.   Japanese art is full of a sort of attention to the details of ordinary life...a finding of significance in the beauty of all Life's small details, and daily routines.  From being immersed in Japanese Art, I learned to love nostalgic, dioramic views of mundane settings.  I love looking at pictures of ramen shops, gas stations, homes, gardens, etc.

    One of my very first Tinkercad designs was an attempt at making a Geisha in a kimono.  I had wanted to make a diorama of men sitting on tatami drinking sake, being served by a kimono-clad woman.  Below is a picture of that first nascent attempt at making a woman in a kimono.  Compare this to my latest work which is called, "Hanami".  Hanami is the custom of going out with one's family and friends to view the cherry trees' first blooms.

    geisha1Compare this first of my faces to the one in the heading up above.  I hope the progress I make in another three years shows as much of a positive difference!  I intended for "Hanami" to be a signature design.  I have twelve Staff Favorites on Tinkercad.  I hope that this piece gets as much respect and attention from the TinkerStaff, Users, and Visitors as all of my Testosterone-Fueled Staff Favorites got.  Hanami embodies  all the of the techniques and insights I have gained after three years of fanatical effort with Tinkercad.  It is my sincerest wish to inspire Female users and people of diverse backgrounds and cultures to see Tinkercad as their ally in representing what they know and hold dear.  I have five daughters, and I want them to learn 3D technology very badly. I have made Hanami for them.  Out some 200 Staff Favorites, I counted 6 specifically female-themed designs.   What does that say?  As I said, I intended Hanami to be my signature Tinkercad work, from the moment I started it. Every trick in my playbook is in it.  If it doesn't smash through the Testosterone Ceiling to inspire Female Users, it won't be for lack of trying!



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