1,2,3,4…5 Million Tinkercadders Strong!

This is about the best news we could shout from the roof tops on a Monday morning!

For those that have been with the Tinkercad community from the beginning, we salute you today as we announce that Tinkercad now has more than 5 Million active community members.

It seems like only a year ago we were sharing the news that we reached 2 Million members. It’s so exciting that we keep growing more and more each day. This year has already seen some amazing additions with 15 new languages to bring more global users to this community, new enhancements every day and now the ability to share your images on various social media channels. Just log into your account, start a new design and click on share (at the top right) to see:


On behalf of the entire Tinkercad team, we’re so thankful to work with all of you. Here’s to the next 5 Million! Since  our community has grown so much! Not only just our users, meet Peter’s new friends that have come on board to help out.  It turns out that one can only do so much with two flippers…



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