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    Celebrate Carnival With Your Own Mask

    Published on - February 23, 2017 by sarahorourke76

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    Today we wanted to share a quick and easy project with you on how to design and make a mask for Carnival! Follow these easy steps to make one for you and your friends! As always log into Tinkercad to get started!

    1. Creating base Create the mask base
      1. You can measure the width of your face or make the mask approx. 16cm x 5 cm
      2. Drag and drop an octogon onto the work plane,
      3. Drag and drop a cylinder “hole” onto the workplane
      4. Drag hole onto the octogon to cut the eye holes
      5. Using the “align” tool, center the hole to ensure perfect alignment. To align for the center, select the center dots on each plane you want to align.
      6. With both shapes selected, click the “group” button in the upper right corner.
      7. Duplicate the base with the grouped eye hole and drag to connect so you have an eye mask with 2 connecting pieces.
    1. Adding hole for string or ribbon
      1. Select a shape such as the thin tube and drag shape to the work plane
      2. Scale the tube to 5mm x 6 mm x 3mm
      3. Place the tube at the top of the ornament base
      4. Group the shapes together. You now have a mask that is ready to decorate. Customize your mask with shapes or patterns.


    1. Export to laser cut
      1. Make sure all of your design is grouped together and is sitting on the workplane.
      2. Export to .SVG
      3. Pick your mask material: felt, cardstock, or any suitable sturdy material.
      4. You are now ready to laser cut your mask!
      5. Then decorate with gems, feathers and glitter!


    This project was even tested by our local team in Brazil! Check out the video below and the teams final designs! For those in the San Francisco Bay Area, make sure to visit the Autodesk Gallery and try a project like this every week!

    2017-02-16 12.44.08-1.jpg