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    Calling all Teachers, Libraries, Orgs and Makerspaces!

    Published on - February 8, 2017 by AndyTaylored

    Teachers & Parents

    FBLive Texas

    We know our Tinkerers are awesome, but we want to hear it from you!  Are you making robots?  Designing Minecraft Mansions?  Let us know! 

    So, if your classroom or organization uses Tinkercad, shoot a quick video telling the world where you’re from and exactly why and how you rock and tag us @tinkercad on Facebook or Twitter.

     We’re starting to plan our TinkerTour workshops for 2017 and in past years, we had maybe the most fun at places we didn’t even think of.  No offense Baltimore and Boise, but we never thought you guys would bring it like that, good job.

    We have a few different events coming up this year - probably in a town near you (more info to come).  But for now, we're looking at you Texas - we'll be in the Lone Star State in March!  Post your videos and we’ll get the whole team to watch them.  Our favorites might get a bunch of Tinkercad gear, or we might include your town on the next Tour.  You never know...