Celebrate #kidinventorsday with Tinkercad on January 17th!

The world around us is changing every day. The way things are designed and made is transforming our daily lives through innovation and we want kids of all ages to get started making anything.

Did you know that children create some of the world’s most famous inventions?Earmuffs, the toy truck, the Popsicle, and even television came from brilliant young minds.

Join Autodesk and the Tinkercad team on January 17th.  in New York as we showcase five amazing kid inventors!

We will celebrate the creativity and ingenuity of these kids and more in honor of Benjamin Franklin’s birthday. He even invented swim flippers at the age of twelve!

How can you take part:

  • Join our first ever Facebook Live event and follow along as we showcase five amazing kid inventors live from NYU’s new MakerSpace. The event will start livestreaming at 10:30am (EST). Simply log into facebook and watch from the Tinkercad page.
  • Share you stories, tweets and more by tagging #kidinventorsday and @tinkercad
  • Bring simple making projects into the classroom and send us a link to a video showing what you make and why innovation is cool

But also tune in as we make a HUGE Tinkercad announcement that you don’t want to miss!