Tinkercad Editor – The Switch is Coming!

Wow. Thanks to the Tinkercad Community for all the feedback on the Beta releases!

Starting Monday afternoon, we will be switching to the Tinkercad Beta editor as the default workspace for new designs in Tinkercad.


Why are we doing this?

  • Better UX: If you have not taken the Beta editor for a spin, you are missing out. It’s a cleaner design, easier to build your models faster and of course the new Minecraft and Shape Generator tabs are pretty sweet.
  • Better Performance: We all know that Tinkercad can slow down during peak usage, but the new Beta editor is built for speed!  It’s built on a different framework and database to provide a better, faster design environment for our growing Tinkercad community.
  • Better Designs: Well, that’s really up to you – but we have faith that you will continue to make awesome stuff in Tinkercad with these and more upcoming new features.

You will still have access to the Legacy Editor for the next few weeks, so there’s time to make the transition. Stay tuned, in January you will be hearing about even more improvements to Tinkercad!

Keep on rocking TinkerStars!