V1 Editor – Offline Today, Beta OK

Hey Tinkerers,

Some of you (unfortunately) saw firsthand that the Tinkercad site was down yesterday. The team met this morning and the site should be back to full operation this afternoon.

What happened?  The Tinkercad editor’s security licenses were created when the founders opened the site in 2011.  These 5-year licenses ran out yesterday and some crucial features of the site were nixed without warning.

The Penguins dropped their Sunday fishes and rallied to get the site back online.  After an 8 hour session, they were able to get some workarounds in place so that at least the Beta Editor would be functional this morning.

Can I Tinker?  Yes – though for now (as of writing this) only the Beta editor is fullly functional.  You can still copy your original designs to Beta to continue working on them.

Is the original editor being phased out? Eventually, but this isn’t related. We’re planning on giving plenty of notice before any major changes.

Is the work I did on Sunday saved?  Maybe, but unfortunately, if you were in the editor after it was suspended, then you will probably have to do some things over.  However, most people got an error or couldn’t do any editing at all. The model will appear on your dashboard in its most-recently saved state.

The team are scrambling to get things back to normal, stay tuned for more updates.