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    Updates to Tinkercad Beta (v2.2)!

    Published on - October 27, 2016 by AndyTaylored

    Tips & Tricks, Features

     Hello Tinkerers!

    You may have noticed some changes in the Beta version of the editor this week.  It's a good one, and we're pretty stoked about it.

    Most notably, you can now import your existing designs into Beta, instead of starting from scratch.

    Also, you can now preview your Tinkercad design as a Minecraft model!  Just click the little pickaxe tab at the top to voxelize, edit and export your creation, watch the materials change in real time.

    Below are the release notes for Tinkercad Beta v2.2:

    -Migration: “Copy to Beta” is now enabled in your Dashboard on all legacy thumbnails. Convert your Tinkercad designs to Tinkercad Beta and take them further with new features.

    -New Tinkercraft Tab: View/configure your Tinkercad Beta designs in the new Tinkercraft Tab and Export your voxelized design as a schematic file for import into Minecraft via MCEdit.

    -Group Editing: Many fixes for drill down (opening and editing within a group).

    -Ruler Functions: Added menu to toggle measuring to midpoint or endpoint.

    -Beta Lessons: Beta lessons have been added to the user’s Dashboard in the Lessons tab.

    -Moderator Tools: Moderators can review children’s Dashboard.

    -Design Name: Click to edit your design's name directly in the editor. The new name will also be used for the exported file name.

    -Firefox Export: Firefox export now supported.