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    Teachers! New Approval Feature for Your Students and More Projects

    Published on - October 5, 2016 by sarahorourke76

    Tips & Tricks, Teachers & Parents, Features

    If you're a teacher and want to get your under-13 students approved to use Tinkercad, we've made it easier!

    Now you can create an Invite Code and when your students enter it, they'll be connected to your account. From there you can moderate their account, change their passwords and monitor their activity.

    In your Tinkercad account, click Teach at the top menu. The first time, you'll be prompted to enter your role: student, teacher or parent (you can only do this once!). Clicking Apply will prompt you to create a Classroom Code - which you can then give to your students.

    For students under 13: When a U13 student creates a new account, they will be prompted to enter their birthdate, then User ID, password and parent's email.  It's a good idea to have parent's moderate the account also, so that if/when you wish to renew your classroom of students, the parents can take over the account and the kids' work isn't lost.

    Students over 13: Click Teach, Student and click Apply.  This will allow them to join your classroom.

    Yes, it's that easy and we can't wait to have you start using it today. But we did not stop there...

    We also have added more than 100 projects into Tinkercad for you to use in the classroom! Simply visit the LEARN page and click on Tinkercad Projects. This will give you the option to view the projects directly in the editor or as a standalone Instructable.