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    TinkerStar: Linda McClure

    Published on - April 25, 2016 by sarahorourke76


    Linda McClure

    How Did You Find Out About Tinkercad?:  This year I received five 3D printers for my middle school technology program. I use Sketchup and Tinkercad in my classroom with my students. I discovered Tinkercad because I was looking for really good tutorials and an easy but powerful interface for free.

    What is Your Favorite Feature in the Editor?: The amazing tutorials! My students work through them and become experts quickly. When I give my student independent time, they often choose Tinkercad.

    Why are you a TinkerStar?: I have created a 3D curriculum with my 7th and 8th grade students. Last year I had three classes of 40 students and 2 3D printers. I have no mentors as there are very few 3D printing programs in my district at this time. So I was really on my own! I designed curriculum and it sort of worked. We had more failures than successes. But I learned right along with my students and I'm so excited about this coming year as we now have five printers! I have been blogging about my beginning with 3D printing on my professional blog I think there are a lot of teachers out there feeling afraid of 3D printing with their students. I feel I have a lot to offer and plan on blogging my journey this school year.

    What is your favorite model you have designed in Tinkercad?:
     I created a project with my student about robots. They had to design their own robot with moving parts. I created this dino-robot to demonstrate the idea. It didn't work perfectly. We had to experiment with the different types of moving parts. I had students download ball and socket joints and other types of connections from Thingiverse and study them. We tried to recreate our own.

    I'm really diving in this year. Because the only students at my school who have access to the 3D printers are my technology students, I decided to start an after school Makerspace club. This will be a club for any student at the school, whether they take computer classes or not. I will be using my own time and money to make this a success.

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