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    How to Bring MakerEd Trends into the Classroom

    Published on - April 22, 2016 by sarahorourke76

    Teachers & Parents, Inspiration

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    So we’ve talked about what is MakerEd and why you should incorporate it into your classroom–but now we want to get to the meatier topics. What are the big trends that teachers are focusing on and why? Here are our top 3 trends that makers are bringing to the classroom.

    1. Programming: It’s no big secret that coding initiatives are being implemented into school programs all over the country. According to Forbes, programming-based employment will increase by 22 percent with an exceptionally strong preference for software developers. Teaching children to code gives them a valuable skill for life. Beyond future job preparation, programming education at its core offers core literacy education surrounding technology. Students come away with a working knowledge of how computers, algorithms, servers and complex systems work.
    2. 3D Printing: In recent years, 3D printing machines have become affordable, which has also given educators the opportunity to teach a new hands-on skill to their young students. With 3D printing projects, students now have a chance to develop key design and computer-aided fabrication skills that will translate to future jobs in manufacturing and logistics. The magic sauce of 3D printing is that you can design and produce things that were previously impossible through traditional manufacturing technologies. Today’s students can bring their fun, unique and innovative ideas to life quickly.
    3. Connected Things: Internet of Things (IoT) and other “connected things” technologies can and will transform every aspect of our lives. From home appliances to in-vehicle experiences–every object around us will become smarter and more aware. It’s essential for today’s educators to bring that reality to the classroom to prepare tomorrow’s designers and thinkers to understand what’s driving IoT technology on both a macro and micro level.