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    TinkerTour West!

    Published on - April 14, 2016 by AndyTaylored

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    Hello Tinkerers.

    Some of you may remember last September's TinkerTour - we had such a great time seeing people in person and the turnouts were so awesome that we decided to do a West coast version, only this time, we’re bringing some friends!

    We’ll be stopping in different cities in California, Oregon and Washington, from San Diego to Seattle, to host meet-ups and workshops for Tinkercad, Circuits and Fusion 360 users.

    I've already confirmed a couple spots, but it occurred to me that we should give you guys a say in where we go.  So, here's your chance - if you know a venue like a makerspace, fablab, library or other cool spaces, let us know! (BOISE - we hear you and I'm working on it).

    We're doing different Tinkercad workshops to make planters, some sessions in Minecraft, and even just picking up some root beer to kick it with some fellow Tinkerers.  The goal is to hang out with our users and be helpful where we can, so let us know by leaving a comment or on Twitter @tinkercad.

    Stay tuned for more info!