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    Current Projects and Current Trends on Tinkercad

    Published on - March 11, 2016 by krasherox



    As always, I've been tinkering every single day!!!  I finally finished my 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham...I believe it's the only Cadillac ever built on Tinkercad... not to mention, one of the few fully-tinkered, serious attempts at building a realistic automobile on Tinkercad.  I plan on trotting it out and comparing it to all the Scanned Lamborghinis that are endemic out there in TinkerTown. This took me about 6 months to finish, because it was hard for me to visualize all the parts I had to shape (Not mention having 20 other projects I was working on!)...I learned so much about how to make a better car now that I can hardly wait to make another serious attempt!


    As you can see here, I'm making a Catwoman, who's about to try to steal a Batmobile!  This project has been on the shelf for about 3 months, and I can hardly wait to finish it, but it's a little hard to fit into my schedule..I have what I think is a very fun series of models in concert, of the Batman/Catwoman theme, to play out, but it just takes too much time...I'll get to it....I always finish what I start....the problem is I start 5 different projects every day!!!   I published this Batman a little while ago, but my new advanced body style experiments will have already made it obsolete...still I think it's one of my most visually successful designs....Did anybody at Tinkercad care that they had a pretty decent Batman on thier hands...not really....but my Darth Vader got a Staff Favorite.   I guess nobody ever figured they'd ever see a fully-tinkered Darth Vader on Tinkercad...BatmanishFTDV1dv27


    What follows will be a blitz of photos of everything I'm working on now!!!


    Current Trends

    Now for awhile, a lot of us Hardcore Tinkercad users have been bothered by all the uncredited copying that goes on in Town.  So, things boiled over and I was instrumental in staging a protest of sorts against all the CopyCatting whereby most of us Hardcores stopped publishing original designs and just threw JunkMoves out on the Board...what was funny was that we completely dominated the board with our Inside Joke for about three or four straight days.  All the kids that were harassing us stopped bothering us.   We didn't hear from them at all after our full on CopyCatting-to-Absurdity Session....where we just acted like them, and did nothing but churn out Copies of Copies of Copies of each others....Copies!!!!!   Observe this:



    How do you top that?   The two most Egregious Endemic Copies in all of Tinkercad, combined into one great Declaration of Unoriginality!!!!!  We would copy all of our copies and then mimic the arguments among each other as to who copied who.  After that, I initiated a policy of Gyp-Scamming where I would publish a simple design, but put a picture of one of my more elaborate tinkering projects in the main Preview window....I declared in the comment sections, that none of us Hardocores was obligated to provide cool, original content to a bunch of ungrateful copycats!!!!  And now, I have published this StarFighter as a Gyp-Scam.....So there, CopyCats!!!!Hah!!!


    Whoever prints this out, will be surprised to be printing out two nice little start templates!!!!

    Hee Hee!!!  See you out in the field, TinkerPals!!!




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