Minecraft Export materials are live!

We You did it!

Now you can assign materials to your models by modifying their colors in Tinkercad.  Every one of the 36 Tinkercad colors corresponds to a unique material that you guys wanted (except bacon, we really tried but there was no way).  See the full list below.Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 11.22.22 AM (2)

Here are the Minecraft Materials, by color in light, medium and dark order:

RED = TNT ; Block of Redstone ; Redstone Ore

ORANGE = Glowstone ; Pumpkins ; Lava

YELLOW= Sandstone ; Sponge ; Block of Gold

GREEN= Slime Block ; Block of Emerald ; Leaves

BLUE/TEAL= Prismarine ; Emerald Ore ; Diamond Ore

BLUE/AQUA= Block of Diamond ; Ice ; Lapis Lazuli Block

BLUE/NAVY= Packed Ice ; Water ; Lapis Lazuli Ore

PURPLE= Hardened Clay ; Wood Acacia/Dark Oak ; Netherrack

PINK= Beacon ; Stained Clay ; Bricks

BROWN= Wood ; Dirt ; Soul Sand

WHITE/GREY= Snow ; Block of Quartz ; Block of Iron

GREY/BLACK= Stone ; Bedrock ; Obsidian

Let us know what you think, and be suer to tag your #Minecraft models.