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    Minecraft Export materials are live!

    Published on - March 10, 2016 by AndyTaylored

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    We You did it!

    Now you can assign materials to your models by modifying their colors in Tinkercad.  Every one of the 36 Tinkercad colors corresponds to a unique material that you guys wanted (except bacon, we really tried but there was no way).  See the full list below.Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 11.22.22 AM (2)

    Here are the Minecraft Materials, by color in light, medium and dark order:

    RED = TNT ; Block of Redstone ; Redstone Ore

    ORANGE = Glowstone ; Pumpkins ; Lava

    YELLOW= Sandstone ; Sponge ; Block of Gold

    GREEN= Slime Block ; Block of Emerald ; Leaves

    BLUE/TEAL= Prismarine ; Emerald Ore ; Diamond Ore

    BLUE/AQUA= Block of Diamond ; Ice ; Lapis Lazuli Block

    BLUE/NAVY= Packed Ice ; Water ; Lapis Lazuli Ore

    PURPLE= Hardened Clay ; Wood Acacia/Dark Oak ; Netherrack

    PINK= Beacon ; Stained Clay ; Bricks

    BROWN= Wood ; Dirt ; Soul Sand

    WHITE/GREY= Snow ; Block of Quartz ; Block of Iron

    GREY/BLACK= Stone ; Bedrock ; Obsidian

    Let us know what you think, and be suer to tag your #Minecraft models.