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    Community Challenge: #TinkercadMixtape

    Published on - January 25, 2016 by AndyTaylored


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    Possibly our favorite challenges last year were #PenguinDatingGame - where we sought a love interest for Peter the Penguin via the popular game show - and #PenguinAlbumCovers, for which you guys recreated some amazing album art in Tinkercad.  In the spirit of St. Valentine's Day this year, I thought it'd be fun to get to know our users even more so by combining the two and having you guys create a mixtape!  Or a playlist, for those of you too young to have experienced the intimacy of receiving a hand-recorded cassette from your bae.

    I've made a 3D printed cassette tape that holds a USB stick and fits into a groovy plastic case, which I think kinda counts as a mixtape.  We're looking for 2-3 particularly amazing covers (and playlists) that get our heart to fluttering, and we'll make a real 3D printed mixtape like the one below, but with YOUR cover and send it to you, along with some Tinkercad gear and an iTunes gift card to put some killer tracks on your USB.

    We thought this would be a great challenge for the Sketchbook community as well, so you'll be in good company!  We'll post all the best on both blogs.

    So let's get emotional!  Show your tender side and submit a mixtape cover for your paramour-du-jour, along with a playlist with 6-10 of your favorite love songs in the model's comments.  We'll wrap up the challenge on February 28.   Here's my first attempt:
    Unknown-2 Unknown

    To make my cover, I just made a (very romantic) model and used a template as the guide to line up a screenshot.

    So give it a try!  Here's a template to get your own started. Remember to tag your creations #TinkercadMixTape and bring your A-game with the song selection.  Unless you have access to some layout software like Illustrator, don't worry about lining it up and getting fancy.  Just take a screenshot and upload it on the model's page.

    I understand this reveals my age and proclivity for sappiness, but I'll break the ice and include my amazing, tear-jerking, roller coaster of a mixtape below via Spotify (or on YouTube).  Also, feel free to add your songs to our MASTER MIX of Love Songs on YouTube.


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