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    Upcoming Enhancements to Tinkercad

    Published on - January 19, 2016 by sarahorourke76

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    Dear Tinkerers

    Our goal is to create the best product we can for you to take Tinkercad to the next level. We want the best because you deserve the best.

    Recently, you may have experienced slow performance on when opening files with shape generators or downloading for 3D printing at peak usage times. That's because the infrastructure that evaluates shape generators and creates the STL you want to download is getting a lot of traffic. Also, the models from our Tinkerers are increasing in complexity while being built with shape generators.

    In order to improve this we will be working on
    enhancements that let the product scale according to its usage. So please stay tuned with us through the usual channels. Whenever we need to do a deployment, even with no downtime, we’ll communicate it to all of you.

    For the next few weeks the team will be rolling out smaller fixes that we hope will be unnoticed by you other than, “Wow, that opened faster than yesterday.”

    Any questions, let us know. Keep on rocking and Tinkering,

    Guillermo (Product Manager, Tinkercad)


    Tags: Latest, Features