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    Tinkercad Colors = Minecraft Materials?

    Published on - January 13, 2016 by AndyTaylored

    Tips & Tricks, Inspiration

    After playing around with some TinkerCrafting this week, I realized there's a pretty limited number of materials possible with the default Tinkercad palette.  For example, black = obsidian, but so does dark blue, green and brown.  Also, just about all the light colors turn into quartz.  You can change the materials in MC Edit pretty easily, but I wanted to be able to plan my creations a little better.


    So here's your chance to help out with determining what materials get represented by the Tinkercad colors.  Fill out this quick survey - it just asks what material you think each color should represent.  There are 11 color questions on the poll, but considering that each hue has a light, medium and dark value, there are actually 33 colors in total.  For those of you that are dying to have redstone AND lava in the red family, I've made each question with checkboxes so you can just check the three you want to see.

    I'm going to close the survey on Friday, January 22nd, so get your requests in asap!