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    Published on - January 11, 2016 by krasherox


    As usual I've been very busy in my every day life, and I've still tried to maintain productivity on Tinkercad.  Why?  Because I'm trying to improve my ability to make organic shapes constantly.  And because my mind is a catch-sink for a million different pop-culture references...If I see something I like, I automatically analyze how I would recreate it on Tinkercad.

    The past two months have been really productive for me Tinkercad-wise.   I made a stronger effort to make an Anime-Style female model, whom I named Akiko Chiba...of course I named her after Sonny Chiba!!!(Pop Culture Reference~!)  I think it turned out pretty well for a first effort, and I did some further exerimenting with a technique for making more realistic human head shapes, that I will be developing further in the months ahead.  Then I sat down and really tried hard to do a decent Darth Vader....because of Star Wars Hype-A-Mania!  I couldn't contain myself!  The excitement of the new movie overwhelmed my NerdDrive!  I was rewarded for the lengthy effort by receiving a Tinkercad Staff Favorite.

    Here are some pictures of these projects which were both memorable ones for me because they took so much time and concentration:at2agirl1akiko2akiko6akiko7akiko8dv5dv11dv13dv15dv18dv19dv25dv29FTDV1lof1SWP1




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