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    Holiday Countdown: 5 Quick Gifts

    Published on - December 14, 2015 by AndyTaylored

    Tips & Tricks, Inspiration

    As we get closer to opening presents on Christmas morning, I've been doing a few projects with our Dremel Idea Builder workhorse as stocking stuffers.  Here's a countdown of 5 last-minute holiday projects if your printer's looking lonely or you have some 3D Hubs credits to burn through.

    #5: Christmas Tree Ornament
    Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 12.54.28 PM

    Of course a tree ornament!  Just put a hoop on anything and you've got an ornament.  The cool part is that you could import an SVG to make something one-of-a-kind.

    #4: Peter Penguin String Lights


    Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 11.52.32 AM

    The model on the right (orange) is a representation of the negative space that an individual light on the string would need to 'lock' into place inside the penguin.  Though it's upside down here, the shape allows for the light to fit, while using a tab on the light to stay in place.

    Most string lights are different - in fact, I couldn't even find the same light online to make more - so I've left the modeling up to you.  Also, translucent filament works the best.

    #3: Holiday Gift Tags
    Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 12.07.52 PM

    #2: Custom Planterporcelain_planter

    Yes, you've seen them here before, but I just received the porcelain version from Shapeways.  It looks great! I'll be exploring more porcelain prints this year, for sure.

    #1: Penguin Walking Toywalker-xmas

    walking_penguinI hinted at them back in September, but here they are in full glory.  You can find the walker mechanisms on Ali Express (though in large quantities), and once the mechanism is modeled, the Hole can be cut from just about any figure to create your own walking toy.

    So get busy, and have a Happy Holiday!