Life gets busy….then it gets even busier…then your computer breaks…

Hey TinkerFolk!

It’s been too long since I actually sat down to blog! I just want to talk about my latest project for a little bit.  I wish my main laptop hadn’t thrown snake eyes, because I had so many pictures of my Tinkercad designs on it,not mention all of my downloaded STL s.  I’m excited to talk about my latest project since it deals with Dinosaurs…and that’s frankly why I came to Tinkercad…to build Dinosaurs…and not just any Dinosaurs…a Dinosaur Concept that I got a patent for in 1999.

The above Tyrannosaurus Rex may not seem special to you, but I challenge you to find a better looking one that is purely-tinkered, not one bit scanned, with its proportions and dynamic posebility, in all of Tinkercad.  This piece embodies every technique I have learned over the past year, and although it obviously doesn’t have the level of detail that is possible with more sophisticated software, I think it comes a lot closer than any knowledgeable 3D designer would expect from Tinkercad.  Until I have time to re-sculpt the legs to portray the tie-in between the thigh and rib-cage, this T-Rex is stalking about Tinkercad as a comical Thanksgiving piece.  I doubt very many users will notice the quality of the work until,I set this thing in a Prehistoric Diorama.  We’ll see.

On the Mean Streets of Tinkercad, I have watched scores of my hardest -worked designs go unnoticed, while some scanned work or copy of a copy of Sponge Bob sits on top of the Hot List.  We’ll see if I can grab some eyes when this T Rex starts chasing things around the jungle.TyRe3PNG


These turkey feathers were sheer hell!  I tried to make them as realistically as I could, which involved a lot of cutting and inlaying…so the rendering was painful…In the end, only five feathers could render without making the whole thing look like a glowing red ball of tangled yarn…the dreaded gouping error scenario…..TyRe7PNG.PNG

So here’s my TRex goofing around for Thanksgiving…but just wait until he smells the Diplodocus that I slaved over a couple of months back….

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