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    The 10 Commandments of Tinkercad (AKA, "Don't Ban Me, Bro.")

    Published on - November 13, 2015 by AndyTaylored

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    We're so stoked that 99.9% of  the Tinkercad user base create superb designs and models, share their work freely and cheer other users on to push the limits of the software.  However, within any burgeoning and awesome community, nastiness will occasionally surface.  It can take the form of abusive comments, inappropriate models or even spamming.  The first line of defense against nastiness is the Report Abuse link on every model that you can click to let us know if something is hinky - this is the fastest way to ensure we can respond to anything that goes against the spirit of Tinkercad.

    Every abuse notification gets looked at by a real human, and they decide what course to take.  Most of the time the reports are harmless, or just a conflict of opinions.  Other times, we've seen some real gem and have to remove them entirely.  The last thing I or any of the Tinkercad Penguin team wants to do is remove any user's models from the gallery or even a user from the community completely, but occasionally, we have to do so.

    Our policy until recently has just been pretty informal - preferring to warn, rather than ban.  However, I thought it would be helpful to have a little insight into what we consider Abuse and the best ways to get banned.  Allow us to present a few simple guidelines for Tinkercad here; great ways to be awesome in the Tinkercad community.


    The 10 Commandments of Tinkercad

    1. Keep it clean.

      Swearing and offensive language is the best way to get booted.

    2. By any other name...

      Similar to Number 1, but be polite - don't resort to name-calling.

    3. No spamming.

      No one cares how many comments you can make in a row.  It's just rude.

    4. Bikini-bits.

      If it's normally covered by a bikini, it doesn't need to be shown in the Tinkercad gallery.  No dirty-birdies, please keep the privates private.

    5. Don't use Tinkercad as forum for political discussion.

      Nothing divides people faster than religious and political beliefs. We don't restrict anyone's models on the basis of belief, but they inevitably lead to conflict in the comments.  Go do that on Reddit.

    6. If you Copy, attribute the original creator.

      Expanding on or remixing another user's model is awesome, just don't claim it as your original creation.  There's also a tab at the top of the comments that very clearly shows if a model has been copied.  We don't ban for copying models, but be honest.

    7. Don't cry wolf.

      Reporting abuse doesn't automatically do anything, it just sends us an alert.  Reporting someone because you don't like them doesn't do anything. But we can see who does the report.

    8. Use a real email.

      If we can't contact you, we can't send you stuff like shirts and buttons. On the other end, if you're naughty, we have to straight to a ban without warning.

    9. Don't make us turn this car around.

      The Tinkercad Penguin Team work hard every day to improve Tinkercad and the website so you can make cool stuff.  They're working on sweet features like simultaneous modeling, Minecraft builds, and social features.  Making them stop all that to work on restrictions and quarantine systems isn't what we want.

    10. Be nice.

      The best experiences - and in turn the best models - in Tinkercad come from collaboration and support from within the community.

    So there you go, some pretty simple guidelines.  We also understand that the moment can get away from even the most well behaved of us, so before you enter that comment or make that model public, just consider whether it falls in line with the spirit of Tinkercad.  Or, to be a little silly, "What Would Peter Do?".

    If you do find yourself banned, give us an email at - we never forget, but we're usually pretty quick to forgive.