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    All Wrapped Up: #TinkerTour 2015

    Published on - September 29, 2015 by AndyTaylored

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    What a week!

    The first ever TinkerTour of the NorthEast has officially ended and boy my dogs are barking.  Every workshop we held was filled to capacity of curious Tinkerers - veterans and newbies - and I can't say enough great things about our friends at danger!awesome, Digital Harbor and 3D Hubs (though here's an attempt).

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    Saturday and Sunday was the main event, World Maker Faire in Queens, NY, and it didn't disappoint.  On day one, the Instructables crew hosted a champion chainsaw carver to create the iconic 'Ibles Robot, and I ran into a couple of our most prolific educator-users - @JoshBurker (R) and @DesignMakeTeach (L, above).


    On Sunday we were excited to see the Moat Boat Paddle Battle - hosted by Ocean State Maker Mill and See Me CNC.  The race was open to everyone, but I saw a few folks from the workshop we did with 3D Hubs the Wednesday before.  The Digital Harbor Foundation crew was also there with some entries.  The winners, however were Dan and Nicholas, a father/son team that swept both kid and adult classes with their boat-crafting skills.  Even though they won both of the See Me CNC 3D printers, they graciously gave the second printer to the runner-up in the adult class (who happened to be a kid, oddly enough).

    IMG_6872  Unknown-2Unknown

    It was a lot of fun, it's always great to hear that kids are using their free time to design in 3D.  It also just-so-happened that Tinkercad was used in all 3 designs.  :)


    Unknown Luke and "Electrode" went home with a new delta printer.



    After Nicholas won the kids' competition, he and Luke compared boat designs.

     Another round of thanks for our hosts, danger!awesome, Digital Harbor Foundation and 3D Hubs for organizing and making us feel welcome at their spaces.  We had a great time and met some rad folks, where to next??