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    Gundam Sentinel Project-

    Published on - September 26, 2015 by krasherox


    Months ago I started to build up a figure representing the great Mecha franchise of Japan, Mobile Suit Gundam.  After  6 days of laying off Tinkercad due to funeral attendance in the Philly area, I came out swinging and have jumped back into the Gundam Sentinel project with both feet.  When it's finished, it should probably be one of my most complicated pieces ever.

    Here are some shots from my personal Tinkercad Branch of Anaheim Electronic's:HyperClaudianS3HyperClaudianS2 HyperClaudianS5HyperClaudianS6HyperClaudianS7HyperClaudianS10HyperClaudianS11 As always, I'm trying to entice users from Japan, and Gundam Fans from all over the world into using Tinkercad....wish me luck on that, TinkerStaff!!!!!

    Tags: Inspiration